New Music Thursdays: 10 new songs you should hear featuring Erich Mrak and Ibn Itaka

Discover ten new songs by artists you’ve probably never heard of until now.

Photo: Erich Mrak


Erich Mrak
Photo: Erich Mrak

AXiS – Too Long (Submission)

The Romanian-Serbian band feels like what it is to sit at the dive bar in New York City in the depths of an early 00s Winter, back when climate change didn’t seem to affect us how it does now. As the song naturally progresses, I smell an Olde York basement, or now that I think about it, that could be asbestos. Never mind. Instead of going further down the rabbit hole of my mind, I invite you to feel the exhilarating energy that transpires through the amps as ‘Too Long’ by AXiS plays.

BREED – Dead Grass (Submission)

In the way that the song above feels cold and wet, ‘Dead Grass’ evokes the memory of watching any film that shows what it looks like underground in a major city. The Los Angeles-based duo BREED creates tunes for the folks who like off-kilter things. High fashion art is also part of the musical experience they make for fans.

Erich Mrak – Navigate (Submission)

Electronic devices in a dampened room: Within the first few seconds, I knew that I’d want to listen to it again—and I did. Feeling the need to navigate someone’s mind to understand them is a feeling I’ve had before. If you’re a fan of Kanye West from his ‘808s & Heartbreak’ era, you may appreciate the genius behind Erich Mrak’s music. Listen to ‘Navigate’ below.

Ibn Itaka – Summertime (Submission)

Jazz is an art form known for its abstract compositions. Congolese-Puerto Rican musician Ibn Itaka doesn’t kill that tradition. According to what I’ve received, it is a “nostalgic, meditative and yet optimistic offering from Itaka and serves as the debut single from his upcoming project ‘Colores’ which features some of New York’s most in-demand musicians: Javed Wiggins on sax, Josh Benitez on keys, Austin Williamson on drums, Henny Montes on bass and Isaac Sleator on synth.”

Listen to the track below. It sounds like a ride on the subway. Who hasn’t heard the voice of a man like the one on this record?

EMBRZ – She Won’t Let Me Down featuring Leo Stannard (Submission)

Warming it back up and getting out of the cold area, Irish producer EMBRZ enlists Leo Stannard to sing a song about a lover who doesn’t let you down. The let down isn’t the worst thing in the world. People aren’t perfect. I think what’s worst is the repetition of the same action(s). It’s not a mistake. It is that person’s way.

Muyinza – Disappear (Submission)

How often do we get to hear what’s going on in Uganda, or to listen to music created by a Ugandan artist? Muyinza, who settled in Canada, shared an eclectic track about caring for your significant other, appreciation, and more. Hear it below.

Pearls and Lazer – Bird City (Submission)

When I spent time at my dad’s house, he didn’t watch television. Like me, he stayed on the computer most of the time. However, when we were in his car, he would play instrumentals. ‘Bird City’ reminds me of the car rides across the city with my father. The Venice Beach duo, Pearls and Lazer, share the official video, which features a scene with the guys rolling around on scooters, beautiful dogs, the guys in an old school convertible, and more.

Hate Drugs – So Cruel (Submission)

I used to be fine with the idea of being alone for the purpose of clarity, no distractions. Now, I want someone to occupy the “free patch of time that I insist on having lately. Where are they? The person to make me feel this way? I am not sure, but I hope they are near or on their way. Hate Drugs is a band conceived in 2014 by a man named David Caploe. Their debut EP is called, ‘Rough Draze’. You’ll want to listen to the lyrics. They’re beautiful.

Two Too Many – Got My Rock n Roll (Submission)

Ain’t nothing like a song that has the name of the genre in its lyrics. That kind of stuff tends to make audiences go wild. It’s incredible! ‘Got My Rock n Roll’ is the four-piece band’s first single ever. Check out what the Dutch gentlemen have to offer.

Skyskraper – Heaven and Earth (Submission)

What does it sound like to be from Stravanger, Norway? What does Christian Rock from that area sound like? Press play to hear Alternative Indie act’s new single below. If you’re a fan of Radiohead or M83, there’s a good chance you’d enjoy their sound.

I Am Nova – Gotta Be You (Submission) (Bonus)

I won’t ever lie about the way a song makes me feel. I did not love the beginning of the record, nor the rest of the verses, but the chorus/hook is undeniable. To the artist, you’ve got something here, but I would focus more on the delivery of my lyrics in each verse.

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