Review: Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz’s make duo debut with ‘Of All These Things’

On Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz’s album ‘Of All These Things’, the ten-tracked project is engulfed with Americana themes and acoustic instrumentals.

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist
Eric Anders and Mark o'Bitz's cover art for 'Of All These Things'
Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

Singer-songwriter Eric Anders and guitarist-composer Mark O’Bitz released their first project as a duo. ‘Of All These Things’ is the pair’s debut album, but their musical collaborations have been happening for some time. After Anders met O’Bitz at one of his shows in 2002, everything since then has been history. Subsequently, after meeting, the two wrote over fifty songs together and from the span of 2003 to 2006 and released a plethora of music. Anders’ albums ‘Not At One’, ‘Songs for Wayward Days’, ‘More Regrets’, and ‘Tethered to the Ground’, all exhibit the beginning of the O’Bitz and Anders joining forces to assemble an esteemed Acoustic, Americana Folk sound.

After taking time off to focus on family life, the two would come together to work again on the song ‘Genocide and Justice’, the 2016 release of ‘Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders’, and the 2017 anti-Trump album ‘Eleven Nine’.

On the album ‘Of All These Things’, the ten-tracked project is engulfed with Americana themes and acoustic instrumentals. A cross between Folk and Country-Rock, Anders’ soothing vocals compliment the warm overtones of the guitar. Anders sings about love from several perspectives, which are heard on tracks like ‘Look Into the Sun,’ ‘Eyes of Your Loves’, and ‘Below The Night’. He also talks about becoming a father and extending a family on track ‘New Life’. These laid-back tunes with wholehearted lyrics go one to make this project full spellbinding harmonies that enthral you with suaveness. O’Bitz and Anders have a long resume that can only get better as they use their talents to perfect their silvery and ardently produced compositions.

Anders and O’Bitz are currently working on their next album as a duo, which will be entitled, ‘Ghosts To Ancestors’. While possessing their genius touch to the music, they are also hoping to work with GRAMMY-winning guitarist Randy Ray Mitchell and other illustrious artists. The duo has come this far together, so I’m expecting any future endeavour to be just as beautifully resonant.

Written by Manny King John

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