New Music Thursdays: 10 new songs you should hear featuring Era Istrefi and Pandaraps

Discover ten new songs by artists you’ve probably never heard of until now.

Photo: Billboard
Era Istrefi
Photo: Billboard

Era Istrefi – Prisoner (Submission)

Albanian Reggae-Pop artist, Era Istrefi, recently released the visual for her song, ‘Prisoner’. The visual shows the artist assisting her lover while he is attempting to dodge the police. It starts off with her being pulled over at a checkpoint, but she gets clearance to go on, after stunning the policemen with her beauty. The man comes up from hiding and hops over into the front seat. Throughout the visual, they can be seen counting some dirty money, and at some points, her making the money rain, them cuddling up, and even some arguing between the pair. The video ends with a plot twist, they are seen driving off in a cop car after a standoff with a policeman who finally was able to see them, it looks like he lost that one! The song itself carries a great island vibe, which is evidently inspired by Reggae records she has stated she grew up listening to. The song has a Summer vibe, and it’s definitely not too late to add a song to your Summertime playlist!

Be sure to check the visual out below.

Mike G – Ruin Your Day (featuring Sahtyre) (Submission)

Following the release of his EP, ‘Chase Cloud’, Mike G released a visual for the projects first track, ‘Ruin Your Day’. The track features Sahtyre, who pairs up to add to Mike G’s lyrical showcase, as they flaunt their talent with clever bar and metaphors. The visual, directed by Mike G and JR the Director, is vibrant and trippy, with most scenes having the artists sitting in the clouds, which plays on perfectly with the title of his EP. The song and video are fitting, it keeps up with the theme and 4/20 release of the EP. It’s a solid listen and allows listeners to take a nice trip away from reality for a bit.

Kelvo – A Place I Call Home (Submission)

London rapper, Kelvo, puts on for his city with the release of his new track, ‘A Place I Call Home’. On this track, Kelvo tells his story of coming up in London, his current journey and his projected view of success. The track is produced by n2deepbeatz, and over his smooth sampled beat, Kelvo is able to create an aesthetic of the place he calls home. Kelvo’s picture of London clearly is not too far removed from what most people experience in their own cities, which makes this track all too relatable. Take a trip through the city of London with Kelvo. Check out the song below.

Christian Layōne – Kick It featuring Raven Agustin (Submission)

Ever just wanted to have that special someone you could call on to come over and kick it? Well, Christian Layōne, on his track ‘Kick It’ is reaching out to someone who has his got his interest. The only issue is that his other friends, jealousy and fear, are preventing him from reaching out. The rappersinger is able to allow us to see a vulnerable side, talking about the reality that a lot of ‘people experience wanting to reach out and go take that step in asking for that person to come through and chill. The song is extremely smooth, and his use of the beat change in the song guides listeners as he moves from a metaphoric explanation of what he feels, to a direct depiction of his concerns. This is a well written, well-performed song, and definitely worth the listen!

Rome Streetz x Farma Beats – Wickedest Ting featuring Daniel Son

Rome Streetz showcases his elite lyrical ability on his track ‘Wickedest Ting’ with a feature from Daniel Son. The beat, produced by Farma Beats, is full of drops which come together to form the hook for the song. The visual for the song is shot in the night-time streets of New York, giving a very gritty and dark feel to the song. It starts with, shots of an NYPD booth, a cemetery and ambulance speeding by with its lights flashing. The video is straightforward, with the artist rapping with a crew surrounding in some shots and in other just them on a bridge. With their intense lyricism, the wall painting of Big L in the video is fitting, adding more imagery to the artist’s flow. A great track and a visual. Be sure to check it out below.

RoQy TyRaiD – PLYNwcha (Submission)

RoQy TyRaiD releases the visual for his track ‘PLYNwcha’, and for sure, he isn’t playing with his listeners. He’s definitely a talented rapper, true to the craft, he shows his elite lyrical ability with a heavy-hitting flow, over a hard beat. The visual has a vintage feel to it, cutting through scenes that add to the intensity of the song. Some scenes catch his intensity in his flow with him on the mic, while others, like the scene of the shadow boxer or him sitting with the rocket launcher, add an aesthetic to the intensity of the artist’s lyrics and flow. This track is certainly a great listen for fans of true lyrical exercise! Make sure to check out this track below.

Terrell Morris – Field Test (Wayside) (Submission)

It’s about that time to move on from the field test and get to the real thing, well that’s what the lyrical singer, Terrell Morris lets his love interest know with the drop of his song ‘Field Test (Wayside)’. The song describes a woman who he finds to be quite astonishing, beautiful, independent, and not just another body for him, having him in a “feel ting”. He’s ready to move forward, he enjoys her, he wants her, and not as just another one for the team. The extremely smooth, and jazzy production on this song aides his clever lyricism in allowing listeners to paint the essence of this beautiful woman. Terrell Morris captures perfectly a feeling most have when they find someone worth going for. The song is a great listen, and definitely one to put an ear to.

Check it out below.

RENÉ – Worthy

RENÉ shows off her beautiful voice and unique style with the release of her song, ‘Worthy’. The singer taps into a personal, emotional side with powerful lyrics expressing her thoughts of her worth. With her striking lyrics, she allows listeners to take a step into her shoes and feel the pain of not being ‘Worthy’, finding herself losing herself and acting up, smoking and drinking, whenever the subject of her song is not around. The piano-driven production, coupled with her intensely passionate vocals also adds to the imagery of the song as she opens up to listeners. The song is beautiful and brings a relatable feels to fans, definitely making it a great listen.

Be sure to check this track out below.

Pandaraps – Prittyboi (Submission)

Pandaraps looks to push the culture forward with the release of the song, ‘Prittyboi’. As the world progresses and attempts to become more open-minded and sensitive to the feelings of everyone, it is expected that awareness and acceptance of gender fluidity would find its way into Rap music. In this song Pandaraps, talking to his love interest who identifies as a queer who opens up to him about it. He lets his partner know that he doesn’t have an issue with whatever they choose to identify with, the only thing for sure is that he has feelings, and is here to love and accept them. The song is beautiful, containing smooth production, allowing for the song to give off a great vibe. Definitely a song to check out, it’s a great step forward in learning to love everyone for who they are and provides representation in Hip-Hop for those who are gender fluid.

Check this track out below.

LaFrancis Vibes – Floating (Submission)

LaFrancis Vibes brings a soulful, R&B vibe to listeners with the release of his track ‘Floating’. ‘Floating’ is the perfect name for this track, listeners can find themselves just closing their eyes and floating away into a peaceful place. The vocal presence on this song, though the words may come off as airy and unclear, fits perfectly with the soulful production of the song, creating a great vibe. This track comes off as more of an experience than just a song to me. This is the perfect song to just to soothe the mind, and vibe out in whatever setting. Take some time to float away today, and give this track a listen!

Words by Brandon Wint

Written by Manny King John

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