Energy Source: A list of ebullient songs for refueling featuring Colin Magalong and YONAKA

Hear a new list of new music that will change or enhance the mood you’re currently feeling. It’s called: Energy Source, meant to refuel.

KLANGPLANET – Crazy (Submission)

Baby, I am doing my makeup and swaying. When you’re this jiggy, you need the hand-to-face precision, so you don’t end up looking like a clown before the big meeting. ‘Crazy’, by the one and only KLANGPLANET, makes you want to talk shit as you circle your new partner on the dancefloor. I can see my older guy and me now, cutting up. KLANGPLANET makes moments that I don’t want to end.

Colin Magalong – Bodies in a Room (Submission)

Simplicity is part of the formula when it comes to Colin Magalong’s new record ‘Bodies in a Room’. Kind of like when you’ve met the person you are going to dance the night away with at a party. There’s chemistry. Everything at that moment is perfect. Bodily temperatures have increased. Sweat is running down both sets of cheeks on most human frames. There’s no way in hell (or heaven) you won’t dance to this song. You’d have to be in a pretty shitty mood to overcome the feeling of joy and freedom it brings. Check out the irresistible party track below.

YONAKA – FWTB (Submission)

How many times has someone tried to discourage you from doing what makes you feel most alive? Have you ever felt like you couldn’t stand up to that person? If so, it is normal, unfortunately. Dominant, non-creative energy tends to trump the free-thinking creatives out there more than we’d like to admit. Well, here’s a song by YONAKA that captures what you should say to such individuals. From the beginning to the end of the song, the British band carry the message high and well.

Neko Savvy – Tofu (Submission)

When Neko Savvy and Icon South link up, it is usually a fiery sonic situation. ‘Tofu’ is no different. Meeting up to show us how they do it in their hometown, the musical collaborators performed lyrics from a moving jeep and satisfied their need for speed on motorcycles. Watch the fun video for their infectious record, ‘Tofu’ now.

Corey St.Rose – Midnight Cruise (Submission)

Taking the animation route for ‘Midnight Cruise’, Brooklyn-native rapper Corey St.Rose raps about the usual topics: Money, falling back versus falling off, and style. It kicks off with a beautiful and warm composition that parallels to the jazzy sounds of my childhood. To hear his style of Rap atop the instrumentation satisfies the classy and ratchet parts of my core existence. Corey St.Rose, wherever you are, thank you. I appreciate it. Everyone else, please watch the well-executed video below.

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