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Hear Elle Varner’s ‘Birthday’ featuring 50 Cent


With ‘4 Letter Word’ set to release this year, Elle Varner is never afraid to show emotion. Set as a fun, spicy single ‘Birthday’ is another Summertime jam. The track features 50 Cent, as he pulls lines from the 2003 hit ‘In Da Club’ / novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Elle mixes a variety of melodies and tempos on this album. And still going with the theme, ranges in the narrative of the highs or lows signify love, hate, life, pain, and lust.


Imagine if your lover treated you like every day was your birthday.” ‘4 Letter Word’ is passionate, honest, intense, and expressive.
– Elle Varner

This record is the perfect spin on a classic throwback with modern day romance.


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