einarIndra cover art for Unravel
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Icelandic artist einarIndra unravels emotions on third EP

Each einarIndra song is a new revelation; Another layer of the psyche being peeled back and removed.



inarIndra is an Icelandic artist with exceptional potential. In his latest project, the artist embraces this potential fully. Lingering synths and ghostly vocals create a dreamscape atmosphere that immerses you within the songs. einarIndra’s sound is undeniably electronic, but it possesses a romantic poetry about it that is more introspective than most other electronic music. The beautiful melancholy melodies he wove feels like the last kiss from a partner you know you’ll never see again: A taste of ecstasy overshadowed by its temperance.

As a project, “Unravel” does as it implies; Unravelling the identity of the listener, stitching it back together into the very fabric of the universe itself. It reminds you of your insignificance while attaching your worth to the greater whole. Each song is a new revelation; Another layer of the psyche being peeled back and removed.

The first song, “Ripples” builds slowly, and ends after a dramatic climax, serving as the perfect introduction to the project. Out of the silence tying the first two tracks together, “I’m not the one” places you in an alien landscape, humbling you, and completely stripping you of your ego. It’s that empty vessel you are left with that “Sweet honey flows” fills with those warm, bubbly feelings we associate with falling in love. But much like a fling at Summer camp, these feelings can’t last forever.

einarIndra cover art for Unravel

The song “Take me down” helps us to understand that we must move on. We should be strong—even if we feel weak from the ups and downs of life. It closes out the project and leaves the listener with a sense of solace. Knowing that einarIndra has been through life’s trials too; that he wishes the best for you.

Words by Oliver Manifest


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