Hear “Pinnacle”, a new track by Toronto-native singer EhCee

EhCee readies for his solo debut album with the release of “Pinnacle.” Hear it now.

Photo: jennnynguyen

EhCee readies for his solo debut album with the release of “Pinnacle.” Hear it now.



hether you know it or not, there is a right way to do vulgar. Otherwise, it is outright crass or borderline rapey. I’m sure you can think of song lyrics that made you go, ‘Wow!’ or you felt uncomfortable after hearing them. Luckily, that isn’t the case for the esteemed Vaughan, Toronto based singer-songwriter and record producer. From the outside of the club, writing a song looks easy, but it is not. It is tough to make songs that translate well with large groups of women. You have to be relatable, sexy or fun, and understand various female mindsets.

Experienced songwriters know and use the formula all the time. Putting a woman on a pedestal is the best move a young artist can make. Well done, EhCee.

The young artist also released a new track called, “Real Ones.” It is about what life is like when we do not have authentic individuals in your life when you need them most. Instead, a lot of us accumulate “friends” that are only friendly when they need something from you. He describes imbalanced relationships so well. It is seldom good things come from those kinds of relationships. Mostly, they are just a waste of time. If you think or feel otherwise, let me know. I sincerely doubt it though. Stream it below.

It is unclear if “Pinnacle” is from EhCee’s solo debut album. Nonetheless, it is to build the anticipation.

Photo: jennnynguyen


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