Play this new Ectryon record more than once for these reasons

Listen to the Boston-based producer Ectryon’s debut single called, Unchained now.

Listen to the Boston-based producer Ectryon’s debut single called, “Unchained” now.



In the earlier parts of the 2000s, when I discovered Electronic Dance Music as we know it today, I was much younger. My industry-innocence got the best of me—and I thought the business was just about music. That’s when I started travelling for the beat. In hindsight, I thank my younger self for taking chances, and leaps of faith, because it made me the young whiz that I am now.

Thankfully, what I heard—in those times—sparked the desire in me to go wherever the music would be. From experiencing Reggae dub boats in Southern California to dwelling in a forest in Los Gatos, there wasn’t an aspect of sound that didn’t exhume curiosity. For whatever reason, I feel the need to know-it-all. With the luxury of first class flights and queenly treatment, I explored Amsterdam with my mother, met an online friend in real life, and somehow, still found time to entertain a strange individual who’s turned out to be an illusionist. That’s another story for another day.

That’s what Ectryon’s “Unchained” brings me back to, a time when my sights on the music business—and journalism—had not exceeded my expectations. At the time, I hadn’t experienced many con-artists and hoodwinkers. Looking back, now, I can offer seasoned feedback and say that it was the culture. Different environments produce different types of people. Occupants from explicit habitats are more likely to behave a specific way; lead distinct lifestyles.

Manifestly, it translates into the way they handle business.

Whenever I went to a festival that showcased limited to no Hip-Hop music, the treatment, as a member of the press, was different. It is important to know that I have journeyed inland and overseas for this thing. From Movement (Detroit) to Billboard Hot 100 (Jones Beach), it’s just different. People from other cultures, or who build the infrastructure for other genres of music, understand professionalism, sincerity and comfortability. Even if it is just for a moment in time.

“Unchained” is the usual big beat soundscape that hits you in the middle of your chest leaving such a profound marking; making you wonder if more of it is good or bad for you. Whether it plays on a big stage at a festival or from the system of your jeep, it is the kind of production that does two things. It brings you back (to a moment before it) or takes you forward—mentally. All too often, music submissions do not allow me to think clearly. I put the track on repeat as I typed this 500-word essay. Other times, there’s so much going on—in the file—that I am distracted by chaotic arrangements, unmatched/untrained vocal work, or unhinged composing.

Ectryon, keep evoking feelings and unearthing memories. It is a part of the formula of becoming a household name.

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