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Cleveland, Ohio rapper Dusa shares neon-lit visual for ‘GRETZKY’: Watch

It was 1998 when Cam’ron released a song with Ma$e called ‘Horse & Carriage’. It was the first time that I heard a Wayne Gretzky reference. Now, it is 2019 and Dusa—or Dusa Alpacino—dropped a track with the hockey icon’s last name in the title. Earlier this year as a courtesy of the Recording Academy, we went to our first hockey game.

It’s so much better to have firsthand accounts of things that artist’s reference in music, so you can understand it. ‘GRETZKY’ is the Cleveland, Ohio artist’s latest record. It’s easy listening with a fitting Trap beat, bound to keep you turned up in any given space. The artist sits in a neon-lit and a rosy room to deliver/perform the lyrics to the song that talks about how others judge him before they meet him. How unfair is that? Furthermore, the entertainer goes on to expose fraudulent individuals and the facades they use to cloak themselves amongst authentic players. Unfortunately, we’ve encountered a few people like this within the last six months, so we get you, Dusa. We understand.

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