Photo: Courtesy of the artists
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Long Island Rap duo Dunbar share new release: NARCOTICS


Photo: Courtesy of the artists

This year has proven that Hip-Hop is not dead, you’re just looking in the wrong places. New York’s Rap duo, Dunbar, continues to prove this as they take listeners on a journey into Long Island’s underworld with their new album ‘NARCOTICS’. Over nostalgic beats, Dunbar showcases their superior lyrical ability coupled with a classic flow, that allows us to follow the pair as they paint pictures of their experiences as hustlers. This album features two other lyrical elites, Long Island’s Villa G on ‘WHIPPIN’ WATER’ and “the Spanish Nas”, UFO FEV, on the title song ‘NARCOTICS’. Their album is available for streaming through this link or via the player below.

Words by Brandon Wint


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