Drake shares video for ‘Child’s Play’, gets shark tattoo like Rihanna

‘Child’s Play’ is another look into Drake’s love life.

Drake released the official video for “Child’s Play” on Saturday through Apple Music. Instead of premiering the visual through a major music website, the Toronto legend pointed fans in the direction of his OVO Blog — where he used to promote his early recordings before becoming an international superstar. Featuring Tyra Banks, the video starts off with Drake in the restroom. After washing his hands, he realizes he left his phone at the dinner table. As he assumed, his date picked up his mobile phone to read his text messages. Discovering what she anticipated, she brought the drama to Drake in the midst of families and other couples. She didn’t care that they were at The Cheesecake Factory. In the next scene, Drake is at a strip club in Atlanta, Georgia. Previously, he received a phone call from a friend. His friend asked him to travel to the city to get over his recent breakup. Kind of like when Puff Daddy calls Usher in ‘U Don’t Have To Call’.

In more Drake news, the highly-skilled singer-rapper reportedly got a tattoo to match Rihanna’s ankle shark. ‘Shark Week’ happened in July, so we cannot stretch what seems to be the truth and say that’s the reason. According to E! News, the pair’s tattoos have ‘special significance’. In a video on the site, it says that “the camouflage shark is supposedly a reference to one of their dates. Drake took Rihanna to an aquarium in Toronto and bought her the stuffed animal…”

Drake professed his love for Rihanna in front of millions of people — including their friends and families — just before handing her the well-deserved ‘MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award’ at the VMAs. David Bowie, The Beatles, and Richard Lester were the first to receive the award in 1984. LL Cool J was the first rapper to receive the award in 1997, nearly 20 years ago.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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