Download: Allan Rayman’s “Interlude (Barry Moves)”

Allan Rayman is another artist that is putting on for Canada by representing the creative musical movement coming out of Toronto. Rayman recently dropped a soulful tune and it’s definitely a song that stands out. Allan Rayman’s “Interlude” is indescribably smooth and most definitely a song that listeners can zone out too. It took a few plays, to tell out lyrics but it seems that song might fit in the category of love songs. Rayman seems to allude to a mysterious woman who left her lipstick on the cigarette, telling a story on how they first met and she decided to leave him. It’s not too much pain or heartbrokenness displayed throughout the song but it definitely shows that this person had some type of importance. As stated before, this is an incredibly smooth and laid back song with a fusion of short raps and actual singing. This song should be added to someone’s kickback playlist. Stream the track now via this link or the player below.

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