Brooklyn’s Donnie Durag and Kimchi Sawce team up for ‘Donnie Soprano’: Watch

Brooklyn-native Donnie Durag and super-producer Kimchi Sawce link up to bring you the very entertaining video for ‘Donnie Soprano’. Kimchi provides a menacing instrumental that allows Donnie to not only talk his shit but to do it most effortlessly. The flow is calm, but fierce like Bob Ross (RIP) toting an M80 machine gun at the function.

I play this game hella patient problems I faced/They ain’t stand a chance with me/Couldn’t do it by myself/I got me a team and we moving militantly

Donnie successfully executed this ode to television gangster, Tony Soprano from the American crime drama series, “The Sopranos”. He manages to perfectly mimic America’s favorite sociopath with scenes of him enjoying a solo dinner of spaghetti and wine to him cursing out his shrink. I appreciate the comedy but also the brilliance of Kimchi Sawce playing his shrink. To me, it highlights the relationship some artist can build with their engineer-producer. I’m looking forward to what Donnie pulls out his hat of tracks this new year.

Written by Jeffrey Deon Chambers

Jeffrey Deon Chambers is a 23-year-old photojournalist and visual artist from Queens, New York. Since a young one, he developed a knack for writing and a limitless love for music. His ears know no boundaries. From the enticing vocals of Andrea Bocelli, to the genius production from the fingertips of MF DOOM, Deon constantly finds himself inspired. Aside from music and visuals, Deon is a movie enthusiast and foodie.