Donkong shares the infectious Modern Bass dance track ‘Get Groovy’: Listen

Although we’ve been told and taught, some of us still don’t understand the laws of attraction, nor the reasoning behind why we are attracted to certain things and people, naturally. Based on the literature I’ve read, it is biological or genetic. Linking the beforementioned to why we may like some music over another kind has to do with what we can tolerate, genetically (or in a way that relates to origin or development).

When it comes to my musical and personal tastes, things that aren’t supposed to match, or go together, inspire and fuel me. Going deeper into my reality, I believe it is the reason I can equally enjoy things from both sides of every spectrum. If it is intended to be simple, let it survive in its bare minimum state. If it is to be extravagantly bright or showy with taste, it shall commence.

Which brings me to the simplicity of the sound of ‘Get Groovy’. I am no musician, producer, or a composer, but I am sure it takes a lot of brain patterning and work to create something that comes off this simple. It is a fantastic Modern Bass/House track made by seasoned producers from Germany, taking influence from Boys Noize. Now, that you’ve gathered those details, meet us on the dancefloor. It is infinite, and it is yours. You own it!

In July 2017, we premiered Donkongg’s ‘No Boy’ featuring Lexie Lee. Check it out here to hear the differences.

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