Don Cash’s Relaxing, Stoner Record “Origami,” Honestly Reviewed


Straight from the land of Long Beach, New York comes the dude Don Cash with his video for the song, “Origami,” off of the upcoming album, “Evolution,” a body of music that I want to listen to as soon as possible. The “Origami” beat comes in mad smooth and drops in even smoother. Then, the emcee Don Cash starts spitting with a sweet mellow cadence that, therefore, catches the amazing beat by the 17-year-old wunderkind in my ears, The Artivist, who I am excited to hear more from. But back to the emcee, as the legend Guru once said, “It’s all in the voice,” in which Don Cash has going for him. In addition, Cash sure knows how to ride a beat like real cats should know before they even try at this game. So the three fit perfect.

Happily, the subject of the song is right up my ally, as is the vibe. I smoke blunts rarely, if at all, minus two occasions: With my mom and my younger sister (or just to remittence on my youth). Furthermore, the bottom line here is: Dude is sick, and he has that “every man” vibe, which more emcees should have. The video for “Origami” made me feel like I was in my old apartment, couch blazing. So Don Cash thanks for that. The only thing I hated in the video was the white girl’s sweater. Besides that, perfection. I look forward to hearing more from Don, as well as the ill production of the activist.


Written by Manny King John

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