Review: Domo Genesis’s “Aren’t U Glad You’re U?”

Domo’s entire mixtape is replete to the brim with verses that come straight from his heart.

Domo Genesis’s entire mixtape is replete to the brim with verses that come straight from his heart.


Domo Genesis' 'Aren't U Glad You're U?' cover art
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Last Summer, on June 16, 2017, Domo Genesis, an American emcee, and DJ, released his first mixtape called “Red Corolla.” Quite some time has passed since the release of his first mixtape. But, Domo’s back with another mixtape. On January 19, 2018, The Odd Future (OFWGKTA) collective member released his second mixtape called, “Aren’t U Glad You’re U.”

There’s a difference between the release of these two mixtapes and the release of his debut album called “Genesis,” which came out in 2016 through Odd Future Records and Columbia Records. The difference is that Domo hasn’t released his latest music through a major label. Instead, he’s broadcast his mixtapes through the official OFWGKTA account on an online audio distribution platform called SoundCloud. One could argue that Domo Genesis is showing a tremendous amount of respect to all the hard working bygone disk jockeys who once mixed and recorded all their music onto bona fide cassette tapes throughout the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s because he’s keeping the tradition alive.

Evidence, an American emcee, producer, and member of the rap group Dilated Peoples, serves as the executive producer for Domo’s second mixtape. Evidence has his compelling song on this mixtape called “Fuck A Co-Sign,” and it’s a little short-lived. However, it’s an indisputable doozie. That his song isn’t lengthier is digestible because beat making was Evidence’s leading role in bringing “Aren’t U Glad You’re U?” into being. And, as a beat maker, he reigned supreme.

“Me Vs. Me,” the opening song on the mixtape, opens with five elongated notes on a trumpet that gushes into a trumpet melody. Then, a voice is heard spouting some comical drivel, “Loot Doot Doot Doot.” It’s hilarious. It serves a purpose though. The purpose here is to include human-made sounds to enhance the harmonies. Get familiar with this technique because it’s used time and again throughout this unrhetorical mixtape. In context to “Aren’t U Glad You’re U?” the technique is almost as indispensable as Domo’s sincere, brisk, and upfront verses. Verses like:

“You can’t blame me for being crazy cause I came from this shit. Take what I get so I ain’t beggin’ for shit and this ain’t never been about no fuckin’ chain and a whip. I’m aiming for which target turn my pain into bliss. Keep huntin’ until I lay in a ditch,” found on the mixtapes opening song “Me Vs. Me,” or “Another chip from these wood blocks ain’t getting ‘tainment. It’s fucked up when they’re sleepin’ on your feelings and the picture that you scriptin’ way more vivid than these niggas paintin’,” found on the closing song “Hood Famous.”

Domo’s entire mixtape is replete to the brim with verses that come straight from his heart. He’s not frightened to let his feelings run rampant. That’s what makes “Aren’t U Glad You’re U?” so gripping. The lyrics that he uses are genuine, and 24-karat Domo Genesis plated. That’s just a more polished way to say that Domo uses whatever language that Domo wants to use.

Written by Manny King John


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