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Esteemed Bronx-native rapper Doley Bernays makes directorial debut with ‘Pre-Game’: Watch

For at least five to six years, Doley Bernays has been on my radar as a recording artist by way of recommendation from fellow Bronx-native rapper, Euro League. At the time, he had just announced his new EP, ‘Just In Case’. The Bronx was bubbling then with many talented individuals that we’ve had the blessing to cover and support (Carl Sherron, Connie Diiamond, Denzil Porter, and many more wordsmiths), but the world didn’t start to pay attention to The Bronx again until Cardi B’s breakthrough.

Now, the Los Angeles-based creator is back with his directorial debut ‘Pre-Game’; Dominic ‘Shotbydomm’ Resendiz. It opens up with dialogue about the pretentiousness and politics of the music industry. Next, the distinct-voiced rapper tells a story about people who didn’t believe in, his biggest fear (having daughters with a ‘ratchet’ bitch), lifestyle and more. Watch the video below for the Sons of Sonix produced record.


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