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Doley Bernays Announces EP, Shares New Single

Announces Bond Place Hotel EP out 8/26

Following last year’s critically acclaimed Just In Case EP, Bronx rapper Doley Bernays is excited to share the first track from his upcoming Bond Place Hotel EP. The five song EP will be self-released on August 26th. After creating much of Just In Case with producer MP Williams, Doley saw Bond Place Hotel to fruition with Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett (of Eminem’s “Not Afraid” and Drake’s “Pound Cake” fame).

Speaking about the origin of their collaboration, Doley said, [quote]I’d connected with Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett for the song ‘Drown’ on Just In Case, and one day I got up and flew to Toronto to get my mind right from the Bronx. I ended up locking in with Jordan for about 6 sessions altogether, and made a bunch of tracks.[/quote]

Now Doley is sharing “Prey,” the first taste of their recent work together, as well as its Beth Hiley-designed artwork via Billboard. Check out the single below:

Doley Bernays' "Prey" cover art

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