British singer-songwriter Dolapo’s ‘Skin’ gets undressed: Watch

The lyrics instantly put you in a carnal mood as soon as you hear Dolapo’s voice.


Dolapo, the UK songstress, has dropped a fun and sexy track titled ‘Skin’. In the video, a young lady stands outside by some dumpsters smoking a cigarette. The camera zooms in on her profile, and you can see her go through different emotions before walking inside. She finishes her cigarette then walks inside with her fellow dancers and prepares to go on stage. There’s comradery amongst the girls as the camera pans to Dolapo singing and giving off sensuality from the neck up. The camera pans around the club to a mystery man taking shots and other activities going down in the club. We see the blue-haired dancer who we meet at the beginning of the video and there is Dolapo on stage oozing sex appeal. The camera continues to pan from the dancer’s movements to Dolapo to a couple sitting in front of the stage. The guy then gets taken to another area, as the lights continue to flicker and Dolapo does her own striptease. The video fades out as Dolapo plays with a money gun posing in the infamous Lil Kim pose.

While the video is set in a strip club, this song is pop and upbeat. The synths give the song a sexy, almost trance sound over the Euro beat. The lyrics instantly put you in a carnal mood as soon as you hear Dolapo’s voice. This song is definitely to be played for pole dancing class, going shopping, and photo shoots; literally, anything that involves a mirror and attitude. This is what you play when you are getting ready to put it down on your next victim. Or you can play this while getting ready to find your next bedroom victim. You can even play this song after a day of #selfcare. You know… that feeling after your hair, nails, and Brazilian wax is all finished?

Words by Coop

Written by Manny King John

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