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Premiere: Los Angeles singer-songwriter Dol Ikara exclusively shares dark fantasy visual for ‘Sparrow’
Dol Ikara


Dol Ikara
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

From the beginning of the song to the scene where he blunt cut bangs become the focal point of our screens, Dol Ikara’s mind gets to work, drawing us in on her waken thoughts and dreams. Attached to and influenced by goth-antique imagery, the video for ‘Sparrow’ speaks to who Claire Roddy (real name) needs to be as an artist. Crossing and blurring the lines between sweet and sour, ugly and pretty, or clean and dirty, the Los Angeles-based artist’s video is a dichotomous experience for her viewers.

Today, singer-songwriter Dol Ikara presents the official video for her sultry song ‘Sparrow’. Watch the stunning cinematic visual below. Let us know if you hear the influences from Mazzy Star, Sonic Youth, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Kate Bush and Led Zeppelin.

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