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Django23, Davido and Big Narstie release collaborative video for ‘Control’: Watch

Django23, Davido and Big Narstie release the video for their latest track, ‘Control’, a collaborative push for the Afrobeat genre. The video starts off with all three artists coming out of a room onto a balcony where they don virtual reality goggles. The virtual reality experience pans out to be their scenes throughout the video. Davido starts the record, with the hook, followed by verses from Django23 and Big Narstie. Throughout the track, the artists describe their dream women, and brag about themselves just a bit, while offering what they have as long as they can have control.

The video features some astonishingly beautiful women who play as each artist’s muse. This is a solid performance, and definitely a fun song! Take some time out and get familiar with Django23, Davido, and Big Narstie and their video ‘Control’.


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