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DJ Unwind and Levphonic make ‘Sunday Music’

Photo: Courtesy of the artists

As cliché as it is, “Sunday Music” is easy like Sunday morning. Cue the Lionel Richie classic already.

Sunday Music
Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Saint Paul, Minnesota-native DJ Unwind teamed up with Southern California producer Levphonic to make an outstanding new EP titled, “Sunday Music.” True to its name, the 5-track mellifluous journey is what the day of rest sounds like in most places in the world. Tranquility and vulnerability sit in its sound, chasing away angst and unnecessary pressure. “Sunday Music” is capable of helping you to forget your illimitable problems. The treasure of violins and a bevy of other live instrumentation, echoes into your willing ears as the third track “Break for Peaces” plays. Next, a complimentary track featuring Steve Collom, a Folk singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, plays. To me, “Can’t Unwind This Heart” is a poetic stance on not wanting to take second chances because of fear of another broken heart. The said ambient music is at its finest — dazzled with obdurate lyrics sung by an esteemed vocalist on a mission.

Ironically its opening track “Restless” does everything in its power to make me feel other than its title. Honestly, I am everything but restless when I hear the undulated sounds, come crashing together like a tidal wave off the coast. Perhaps, freakish of me, it makes me feel at ease. DJ Unwind has produced music for (or it was featured on) Sons of Anarchy, Pretty Little Liars, Sleepy Hollow, The Bold & The Beautiful, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, 666 Park Avenue, and many more television shows.

Stream the extended play in full now at Bandcamp. It’s on sale right now for seven dollars. The streams are unlimited. You get a high-quality download. You can totally support the artists (directly). You can share it with your friends.


Written by Richardine Bartee

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