DMV’s Dizzy Gordo tells us why his ‘Hermit Life’ EP is his most vivacious project to date

Get to know, Dizzy Gordo, a rising rapper from Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Photo: Kayla Bryant


Get to know, Dizzy Gordo, a rising rapper from Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Dizzy Gordo
Photo: Kayla Bryant

I feel like it’s my most experimental project. I’ve figured out the pocket where I belong. Hermit Life is what the people want from me, 21-year-old Dizzy Gordo tells GRUNGECAKE.

The rapper hailing from Prince George’s County, Maryland is a thrill with the anticipation he has for his EP set to release this coming April. On his new EP Hermit Life, Gordo elucidates on his interpretation of a solitudinous life and a focused mindset.

When it comes to socializing amongst others, Gordo firmly believes in keeping a small circle of staunchly genuine people. Often felt misunderstood by his mutuals, the young rapper opens up more about the way to channel his self-expression.

A tattoo that reads “Ahmyo” stretches vertically on the side of his left hand.

Ahmyo is very personal to me; it means absolute trust in self. I want it to be the title of my first album,” he explains. A hermit is someone living alone as part of a religious discipline…in my time being alone, my discipline was listening to myself and doing what felt right to me.

An alloy of sublimeness and eccentricity, Hermit Life is set to display true peculiar artistry.

It doesn’t sound like anything else out right now. It’s gonna be a breath of fresh air for the music scene, Gordo says.

The lead single from the project which is entitled, “Everyday Payday”, debuted in August and had exceptional radio recipiency in the DMV.

“[Hearing it on the radio] was a great feeling because I’m one of the first artists from my group of friends to do it…not saying that to gloat but to let them know that anything is feasible.” “It’s not only about motivating others to do them, but I’m also helping myself. This is just me going through the motions of learning to better yourself.”

The essential messages Gordo is executing are all about elevation, self-appointedness, and confidence. A project of this capacity will be a vicarious adventure for all listeners.

Hermit Life is the sentiment of how I want people to see me from here on out. I have more projects along with visuals releasing this year so make sure to be on the lookout for that.

Hermit Life by Dizzy Gordo will be released in April. Stream all of the tunes Gordo has already put out here, below.

Written by Manny King John

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