#5NewTracks to get you through the week: (Dil Tortie, BAER)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Dil Tortie, Harrison Calderia, BAER, and more.

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Dil Tortie, Harrison Calderia, BAER, and more.


Dil Tortie – Sticky Honey (Submission)

“Sticky Honey” is the sweet and catchy tune that will stay in your head after the first go-around. The San Francisco musician provides listeners with a perfect balance melody and tone. Though it may sound stoic to a few, Dil Tortie’s voice offers more to this production.

Harrison Calderia – Dreams (Submission)

From the first note, listeners will be swayed and wooed by Harrison Calderia’s sound. It’s something about acoustic guitars and performers sharing their experience through song makes the listening very intimate. Anyone in need of a nice pick-me-up, this song should do the trick.

Young Mister – Infinite Space (Submission)

Somewhere out there in the infinite space beholds a soft tune that will rest easy on your conscious. This Young Mister tune will quickly turn into a go-to song for your carpool karaoke.

Ian Ewing – RiRi Thick featuring SunBLVD (Submission)

“RiRi Thick” is a groovy party joint from Ian Ewing that’s bound to keep the party going all night. This track features a sassy, but a fun feature from SunBLVD. She makes the track pop with her wittiness and flow.

BAER – Waiting for the Fall (Submission)

This track from BAER is heartfelt. BAER’s song is a constant reminder of how short life can be. Listeners shouldn’t sit around, waiting for death. It may be sad. However, it is a tune to encourage listeners to love and live their lives.

Paresse – Sloth Machine (Submission) (Bonus)

Swedish producer Paressse made his mark. The track is a journey of electronic euphoria. The groovy sounds will have listeners on an endless trip, bringing satisfaction.



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