Photo: Sandy Kim

Have fun “Under The Sun” with DIIV

DIIV feels good like the 80s.

Photo: Sandy Kim

Sophomore album on the way and an international tour, DIIV’s newest single “Under The Sun” had its broadcast debut on Sirius XMU and is a good enough song for me to care about. Honestly inaudible to my ears, this selection was all about the feels. Feel the love and surfer vibes with me and listen to the cut from the future album, “Is the Is Are.”

Tour Dates

01/30 Singapore, SG – Laneway Festival
02/01 Auckland, NZ – Laneway Festival
02/05 Adelaide, AUS – Laneway Festival
02/06 Brisbane, AUS – Laneway Festival
02/07 Sydney, AUS – Laneway Festival
02/09 Sydney, AUS – Factory Theatre
02/11 Melbourne, AUS – The Corner
02/13 Melbourne, AUS – Laneway Festival
02/14 Fremantle, AUS – Laneway Festival
03/18 London, UK – Heaven


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