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Queens-bred rapper-producer DFNS releases ‘Boppers Til Infinity’

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

In almost any situation, most would agree that it is only right to put on and show out for your own, at least, that is what DFNS is doing. “I only do it 4 the boppers and no one else”, is the caption lined on the bottom of the artists’ Bandcamp profile. The rapper whose acronymized stage name stands for Deezy Finesse released his EP ‘Boppers Til Infinity,’ on April 29. An eight-count project that succeeds just a bit over ten minutes, ‘Boppers Til Infinity’ is just an overture for the talented emcee.

Hailing from Queens, New York, DFNS comes off as a young man with an old soul through his inspiration and influence from New-York rap and old-school Hip-Hop that can be heard through his music and displayed on his social media. With tweets and Instagram captions that allude to reverence from artist like Styles P or A Tribe Called Quest, it is no issue in comprehending the rapper’s style and delivery. Songs like ‘Sigel Shit’ give better insight to his deft wordplay and repartee over beats just as aggressive as his flow. A refreshing breath of an idiosyncratic intonation that serves bar after bar on top of fluid lyricism meshes just right with the sampled oldies type-beat instrumentals, putting a spin on a classic sound which is heard on songs like ‘Blunted Raps.’

Proclaiming his imminence, DFNS takes a sound bite from the 1979 film ‘The Warriors’, where the character Cyrus shouts, “Can you count, suckers? I say, the future is ours!” and opens his first track ‘Boppers Til Infinity’ [Fuck XXL]. The cover art of the EP includes a still from a scene in the movie as well, which works with DFNS straightforward lyricism in setting a tone for a straight-up, dauntless, war-ready setting. The plethora of pronouncements within a short duration makes this tape all worth the listen.

Written by Bree Ellis

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  1. He needs to change his name. Calling yourself after the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria is f’ing dumb.

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