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Oven Heat: Devilsbelt’s latest record featuring Dot Demo has heavy replay value

Joining the ranks of producers such as Daringer, Vdon and BrainOrchestra, Connecticut-based artist, Devilsbelt, is positioning himself to be seen as yet another up and comer capable of being back “that feeling”. Sean Price once famously wrote, “Punch dudes through pizza shop windows”. Yeah, that feeling.

Expected Value’, Devilsbelt’s latest offering, is a layering of vibes. He takes old records, extracts hypnotic strings, along with lush Jazz melodies then carefully places them overhead knocking drums. He’s an artisan.

This project is dripping with sinister charm. ‘Jon McKlayne’ featuring Dot Demo has heavy replay value. There’s an effortlessness to get lost in. Storytelling, braggadocio and dope beats. The Devil’s in the details.

Words by Sax G

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