Dessert shares odd new single, “DEVIL”

If you like sweets, Dessert is better than desert.


Not really sure if the myths of the Illuminati and the devil are one in the same but there’s an indie band called Dessert, and they have this layered song out called “DEVIL.” At times, I feel life and people are as layered, multidimensional and unpredictable like this record compared to “Arca remixing Postal Service.” Much like this song as an adult (or someone who has lived) when you look at life, you think you know all there is. You think you have experienced all there is to experience, and that life-changing something happens.

As stated in the first verse of the song, love (or anything really) doesn’t come easy so don’t try so hard. You ought to treat this anomaly of a song the same way. Share it with your weird straight-edge college / adult friends who think they have everything figured out. The thought of disorder or abnormality will give them a headache.


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