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Queens recording artist DeonRaps releases melodious single ‘Pecan Pie’: Listen

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As he sat down somewhere in the middle of France at four in the morning, DeonRaps wrote his latest single ‘Pecan Pie’, according to his Instagram. The song is a reflection of lost love. Through his soulful vocal performance on the track, listeners can feel his intimately vulnerable side that understands that his “pecan pie” is the only thing that can satisfy his appetite for genuine unadulterated love. He follows up his first verse with a showcase of his rapping ability and uses it to express the more aggressive emotions that he felt towards the subject of his lost love.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

The use of his versatility to express his anger, while maintaining a respectfully honest and vulnerable stance towards her through his soulful sound, helps the emotions of the song resonate with listeners! The song gives us a look into the emotional maturity of DeonRaps and offers a relatability to anyone who has lost love! Listen to DeonRaps ‘Pecan Pie’ below.

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