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Lo-Fi Hip-Hop artist DeonRaps shares visual for ‘Gold Flow 2’: Watch

Whether it’s his sense of style, his lyrical ability, or his creativity when it comes to music, DeonRaps, continues to showcase that he is a needed presence in Hip-Hop’s Lo-Fi community. Recently releasing his visual, directed by Adam Hans, for ‘Gold Flow 2’, he takes another major step in solidifying his name. Over the menacing beat provided by B Young, the Queens-native gifted rapper releases an onslaught of lyrical venom! If the beat and the rhymes don’t have you caught up, the visual for the song is simply captivating! As he cuts through various scenes, he is seen rapping in front of a beautiful ocean view, in a park, and in a home, and of course, always with a beautiful woman by his side. Deon Raps is truly gifted, and this song and its accompanying video is just another opportunity for people out there to get hip to some of what this genius creative has going on.

Written by Manny King John

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