#5NewTracks to get you through the week: (DMEANOR, Franke)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Dangerboy, BXHXLD, DMEANOR, and more.

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Dangerboy, BXHXLD, DMEANOR, and more.



VERSKOTZI – Send Me Thru (Submission)

I like the combination of instruments present in ‘Send Me Thru’. It has the apt amount of everything that’s popular (production wise) right now. It is VERSKOTZI, the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based singer’s debut record. If I’d say so, it is a fit introduction into the world of this Electro-Pop upstart.

Bels Lontano – Lovely Path (Submission)

Words aren’t always necessary to tell a story. Sometimes, words get in the way. To be frank, I think words would have interrupted “Lovely Path.” Stream the three minute Deep House track now, and think about how much money you’ve made this weekend. Lotano’s new single comes from his forthcoming EP titled, “Kin Decade.”

Dangerboy – Woah (Submission)

You know how I feel about voices. Therefore, the first time I heard Dangerboy’s ‘Woah’, I was invested. To me, the rapper’s pitch at the beginning reminded me so much of Mick Jenkins’. Far away from the streets of Chicago, dwelling in Los Angeles, Dangerboy deep-voiced emcee, Max, is his own artist/man. Play the newly produced track now by Ellis, featuring stunning vocals from McCall Kimball.

BXHXLD – Boys Don’t Cry (Personal)

How much of a kerfuffle would you be in if you didn’t get a text back in seven hours? Listen, I had to get rid of all of those people who even looked like they’d do that to me. I am far too impulsive, by nature, to entertain or try to play those kinds of games with anyone. What’s got my panties in a bunch? The first few lines of BXHXLD’s new track titled, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’.

Playing off the fact that boys/men cry too on its hook, the Brooklyn-native singer-songwriter released a song spelling out the many reasons why boys would cry in an outstanding four-minute track. Ladies, don’t ignore your male counterparts/lovers-to-be. Let them know if you’ve made plans for the weekend. Believe it or not, they’re humans too.

DMEANOR – Fool For Loving featuring Kwamie Liv (Submission)

Have you ever felt like a fool for loving someone? I know I have. Every male I encountered, in-person, this year seemed to be a bad joke. A joke by whom? I am unsure, but it was in poor taste. Trying not to laugh at myself and finding it in my heart to love the next person without the weakness the other men have projected onto me, I find ‘Fool For Loving’ to have the words I need to hear. Give this remarkable South Korean artist DMEANOR a chance to wow you with the Donut-produced single.

Franke – Girl from LA (Submission) (Bonus)

Looking like your photograph shouldn’t be a bad thing. I thought the note Franke tried to hit on the hook is a little underwhelming, but overall I think he has what it takes to be a promising pop star. We know girls from Los Angeles, so we thought it would be cool to share this one—for them. And if you are a famous girl living in LA, the official music video is uncomfortably relatable. Watch it below.

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