Listen to NYC-based producer and rapper Deca’s new album ‘Snakes and Birds’ (Review)

Photo: Twitter

The album opens with a Techno beat and robotic voice asking the question “Who are you?” followed by a short statement about an analyzation of life. And then, it gets deep. The monologue about life and paradise, with the smooth transitions from a low-tempo to fast blend together nicely and created this amazing project. The rapper flows on the tracks, as if he’s at an open mic night, with his raw emotion and deep stance on what’s happening around him. The nostalgic sound makes one feel like they’re back in the nineties, and the word play contributes to the feel. When Deca opened the first verse with “live from the snake pit” on the last song, I knew this project was filled with pure flames.

Open your third eye and listen below to the conception.

Written by Manny King John

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