Deanna Devore shares “A Cause”, a song about searching for a reason (Premiere)

Deanna Devore has a voice that can soothe an infant.


Deanna Devore
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

“A Cause” starts off with a kick that mirrors a beating heart. Perhaps, it is synonymous with the way you feel when in a search for something unjustifiable. Before the chorus begins, that metaphorical heart stops and ushers us into the mental web of deciding your next move. We’ve all been there.

Deanna Devore explains the premise behind the record, “The song is about searching for a reason, even when there isn’t necessarily one.” And yet still feeling determined to find it,” she continued.

A lot of people survive their phases, redefining moments and life-changing experiences. Others aren’t ever the same. For every time I’ve had to start over it wasn’t easy, but every time, it was worth the change. After going through what they call ‘it’, you get to learn to cut your ties and thank yourself in the long run. We all deserve to be in better spaces. So as the music suggests, rid yourselves of the shadows of your past.

Deanna Devore has a voice that can soothe an infant. If you’re a new parent or you just love good new music, lend Devore your ear. You or your child may fall in love with the feeling it evokes.

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