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Dawn Gun’s GrungeCake Freestyle

[quote]Yo, Im Dawn Gun,
got the bun cakes
sitting here with my homies from GrungeCake
The magazine
Don’t bother me, I got the magazine’s
Don’t fuck with me
I teach you bitches how to do it right
Dawn Gun, I give it to you all day and night
I’m vintage, the misses
Don’t fuck with this I am the business
Pretty Ill all day
Dawn Gun got that pretty girl spray
Mack 11’
Send you to heaven
Maybe send you to hell and I’ll be like “Oh well.”
I keeps it real
Yall know how I feel
Im from Harlem yall don’t want no problems
Represent Cali too because I can
Through up the West Coast in the face of your man
Disrespect you bitch
I don’t really care
Hoes got hair
My shits rare
I don’t give a fuck
I might fall off
But I keep going because I’m not soft
You come to my face
You see my eyes
You see that (24:07)
You see that “Blah Blah”
It don’t really matter
I got that Yah-Yah!
Every time you see me I’m looking fly, fly
I don’t know it that was 16 but…
Oh well, it’s been real.[/quote]

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