Ode to Vinyl founder David Andrew: ‘I think the future of music is House influenced’

Learn more about the monthly event series curated by David Andrew and DJ Prince.

Photo: Gavin Doran


Is he right? Learn more about the monthly event series curated by David Andrew and DJ Prince in the interview below.

Ode to Vinyl is a soulful gathering in Brooklyn, New York that pays homage to old school music. Guests are encouraged to bring vinyl. The partygoers are a “woke” crowd and prefer classics over Top 40. You can also expect to hear the most iconic sampled songs ever, which is James Brown over iconic Biggie verses. Tomorrow, you can experience Ode to Vinyl’s silent disco with Todd Synder at the flagship Sennheiser store.

Why did you start “Ode to Vinyl”?

Ode to Vinyl started after a talk with my friend DJ Prince. We have known each other since college. We always have conversations about music. Tens years have passed, and we still talk about it. We would talk about our frustrations with the current direction of Hip-Hop, style and the oversaturation of DJs. The idea was simple. Let’s only use vinyl to create a unique platform for people to engage with both, the past and present. The older generation will teach the youth while we play the background as the liaisons. The first time we introduced the concept to the people, they lost their minds!

Some people brought crates. Others brought records they never played but loved the cover art. Our first few parties were mash-ups of people’s items. Then, we had an aha-moment. We wanted to educate the people by incorporating themes and different time periods. Hence, the start of the Ode to Vinyl.

DJ Prince

What should someone expect from their first “Ode to Vinyl” experience?

You can expect to meet a group of amazing people who have all let their guards down at the door. Some familiar sounds. Some rarities that you may have to ask Siri for and later add to your library. Free record giveaways and flavour filled libations.

Ode to Vinyl founders David Andrew and DJ Prince

How do you feel about the current state of music?

I feel that music is in a great place right now if you are open to listening outside of the mainstream bubble. The moment I turn on the radio and listen to any Top 40 radio stations I’m almost instantly turned off. I see more people going back to the live instrumentation aspect of music. Live bands and fuller sounds are really what makes music come alive. Well, to me. I think the future of music is House influenced.

David Andrew

How do you curate your [conscious/woke] guests?

I guess. Someone “woke” invited you. Birds of a feather flock together.

David Andrew

Where do you see Ode to Vinyl in the next five years?

Hopefully, Ode to Vinyl will be something better than what I envisioned. All I can say is that for the right now we are taking steps before we run. Aligning ourselves with the key people is vital. We’ll see what happens.

Ode to Vinyl founders David Andrew and DJ Prince
Photos: Gavin Doran

Now, here’s the quick pick part of our interview. I’ll throw out to things, and you’ll pick what’s best to you. Name your top five DJs?

DJ Prince
Frei Speech
Rich Medina
Marcellus Pittman
Sonny Daze

Quick 5:
Biggie or Nas? Nas.
Soca or Afrobeat? Afrobeat.
Vinyl or cassette? Vinyl.
Brooklyn or Harlem? Brooklyn.
Rap or R&B? Rap.

Written by Manny King John

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