Dave B’s “On” Is More On The Off Side, Honestly Reviewed

The first 50 seconds of this song were so promising and I had so much hope for it that it frustrates me to write this. The beat is exceptional with its jazzy and groovy melody. You can just vibe out to it and chill. The baseline is just so nasty. It reminds me a lot of production you would hear on D’Angelo’s “Brown Sugar” album… just not with D’Angelo type vocals. This is where I feel he went wrong.

The vocals did not flow with the beat. It seems like Dave B needs to find his vocal identity. He is a combination, lyrically on this song, of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and Kanye West… but not in a good way. I think this song could definitely have potential to be a hit, it just needs some work.

Now, I’m not saying I’m not a fan of Seattle’s Dave B. I absolutely love the Jake One produced “Leaves”, which was released in January. Just not a huge fan of this song. Maybe if he rewrites it. There was a memorable quote from the lyrics though,

“I gotta be the one, I’m the prince
Got the drive and the vision too
If this don’t work out
I just use it for the interlude”


Written by Manny King John


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