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Brazilian musician Das Kope brings nature and technology together for a ‘Good Time’

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Das Kope
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Based on what I’ve gathered from the chorus, the Brazilian musician-Das Kope-doesn’t know if his existence is meaningless, but he is sure about wanting to enjoy himself for as long as he is here. I don’t know the artist, but it sounds like he’s lived, which also leads me to believe that he knows what he wants out of life, and isn’t one to shy away from that truth. Hey, no one gets to understand what you’re going through until they’re going through it, too. And, dude, I get it.

Fitting its aquatic ambience, if I didn’t know better, I’d say Das Kope created a visual to show how technology and nature have played huge roles in his life. Stream the fantastical Lofi bop, ‘Good Time’, above.



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