Danica is the only woman in Indy 500

She qualifies as the seventh fastest driver.

Photo: Courtesy of GoDaddy


GoDaddy Inc (NYSE: GDDY), the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures, is counting down the days to what promises to be a historic Indianapolis 500. GoDaddy’s Danica Patrick qualified as the seventh fastest of 35 drivers vying for a slot in the race. She will be the only woman in the field, and starts in the third row, inside position for Sunday’s legendary Indianapolis 500 – the last race of her remarkable career.

Danica averaged 228.090 miles-per-hour yesterday in what’s known as the Fast Nine, the final qualifying round for Pole position, captured, this weekend, by her teammate and team co-owner Ed Carpenter. He’ll start in the first slot Sunday, after averaging 229.618 miles-per-hour yesterday.

Danica was one of the first to hug the three-time Indy pole winner and was all smiles going into the last week of her career as a professional race car driver. “I’m grateful for all the good days. Ed Carpenter Racing has been fantastic helping me prepare for Indy. GoDaddy is back on the car. It’s all good!” Danica said.

“I’m glad this part is over, and now it’s time for 500 miles.”

With the big race just six days away, some have asked about how nostalgic Danica is feeling. “It’s beautiful to be back at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in my GoDaddy green with Ed Carpenter Racing for one of my all-time favourite races,” said Danica. “It’s really starting to sink in that this is it – my last race. I couldn’t ask for a better way to end my racing career, except of course if I can go out with a win at the Indy 500!”

The Indianapolis 500 is where Danica first sped into the spotlight, becoming the first woman to lead laps in the world-renowned race in 2005. It’s been a cornerstone of her storied career. She scored the highest Indy 500 finish for a woman, capturing third-place in 2009. She led laps again in the 2011 Indy 500 and has six top-10 finishes in seven Indy 500 career starts. She’s also the only woman to have won a Verizon IndyCar Series race, the Indy Japan 300, in 2008.

“I’m definitely visualizing the checkered flag,” Danica said. “As race day gets closer, I’m getting a little sentimental. I have met so many great people here at Indy. I’ve had such amazing experiences and learned a whole lot. I owe much of what I have in life to racing, but I’m ready – I’m ready to experience one last Indy 500 and then move into my next chapter, focusing on my entrepreneurial goals, my creative energy and enjoying what’s next in life.”

The demands of being a pioneer who transcends racing have consumed Danica over her 27-year sports career. Her family has always been by her side, and in her next pursuit as a business owner, she’ll be following her parents’ footsteps.

“Growing up, my mom and dad started a lot of different businesses, and took risks to pursue their side hustles in ways that let them be their own bosses,” said Danica. “They are great role models. And, remember, I’ve also got GoDaddy at my side, and they’re all about helping business owners grow.”

Danica already owns a Napa Valley vineyard, Sominum, which is Latin for “dream.” She is also expanding her own athleisure clothing line, Warrior By Danica Patrick, and launched Pretty Intense, her new book focused on food, exercise and the mind/body connection this year.

“Danica has done an awesome job of recognizing her passions, and creating businesses that connect back to the things she loves to do,” said GoDaddy Chief Marketing Officer Barb Rechterman. “Over the years, on and off the track, Danica has essentially put on a clinic about how to stay strong, keep focused, and never give up on goals, especially in the face of criticism. All characteristics that will serve her in her next phase as an entrepreneur. Mark my words, she’s making a name for herself in her life-after-racing … but let’s not get ahead of this last race. It’s going to be epic.”

Watch Danica’s latest GoDaddy commercial below.

Written by Manny King John


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