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Billion Dollar Baby Ent: DaBaby crafts another masterpiece with ‘Giving What It’s Supposed To Give’

It’s hard to call what DaBaby does music videos. They’re more like short cinema films. From the directing to editing, to cameos, to production, everything feels more motion-picture-like than a typical rapper music video. ‘Giving What It’s Supposed To Give’ carries comical dialogue, entertaining scenes throughout, and the song is simply fire.

The video begins with a hilarious church spectacle. Then, it jumps right into the music. Through and through, there are censored scenes (literally), funny little skits, and filled commotion.

Let it be known that most Billion Dollar Baby Ent videos are directed by DaBaby and most acting and cameos are done by the artists, producers, and family of the label, keeping everything in-house. The future for DaBaby in the Hollywood film industry is very bright.

Who’s doing this music cinema thing the best? Tory Lanez and DaBaby?

Written by Manny King John

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