Watch: CymcoLé in “Bombs Away”

Photo: Courtesy of CymcoLé

At the beginning of the Summer, a close friend of mine told me about a new artist named CymcoLé. Not too sure about what the name stood for or what I was getting myself into, I checked her out. 19-years-old as of today, the buzzing R&B-Pop artist is the daughter of Barry Larkin (Cincinnati Reds) and a former thespian, and sister to Shane Larkin (Brooklyn Nets). CymcoLé has released several music videos in the past but none quite like “Bombs Away.” It is sexy, gutter, hip and of the times.

When you watch the video, you will find that she is a great dancer, has a great sense of style and confidence based on the lyrics of the song.

Before the season changes, the Ohio-native singer plans to release an EP called “Shadows.” I’m looking forward to reading major updates about CymcoLé and checking out new video releases.

When I looked at that friend’s Instagram account, he shared a still of her in the setting of a new video. It reminded me of Ciara’s “And I.”

Cymcole x Shadows

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