Los Angeles rapper Cubgod effortlessly makes a banger: Hear his latest ‘So Icky’

When rapping becomes so effortless, it’s no question that fans will be expecting music consistently. Sharing his ability to make good music with his listeners is Cubgod and his latest release ‘So Icky’. In a nonchalant fashion, Cubgod raps about his skillset and how easy it is for him to make a hit song without very little effort. Throughout he emphasizes the point that he doesn’t necessarily want to rap, but why wouldn’t he if it’s such a simple task and a natural gift for him. The song essentially is a song about how great the song he is rapping is, as well as, the beat. Sonically and content-wise, the song is entertaining, something to listen to for a little pick me up during the day. Check out Cubgod’s ‘So Icky’ below.


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