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Cubgod shares new EP inspired by the lack of sleep he’s getting: Listen to ‘7 Mondays a Week’

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Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Last month, Cubgod released a self-produced EP called ‘7 Mondays a Week’, which is true to how it reads. When you aren’t excited about your job, it affects your life. And if I’ve heard the words to each song on the extended play, it also affected his sleeping pattern. The Los Angeles-based artist seemingly webs comedic and real-life narratives into his music; making it easier to digest the underlining messages of his stories. It’s a skill. Otherwise, it comes off as preaching to or teaching others without a known interest to learn.

‘Need Some Sleep’ enters the territory of being that I’m sure we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. We don’t know if we’re coming or going or living or dreaming.

The track is my most personal on the EP documenting my real struggles with sleep, the thoughts that run through my mind, and my usual sense of humour.

‘Long Weekend’, in particular to me, bears a hilarious chant about McDonald’s serving breakfast around the clock. If he’s lucky, it will end up as a licensed soundbite for a digital or television campaign. The artist says that this record is about “chilling at home with your phone until you get hungry or interrupted.” If I were to compare the energy of the record to anyone else’s, I’d say Tyler, the Creator/Odd Future. The juxtaposed track is literally about being in bed, comfortable and under the cover.

Listen to the full seven-track project below. Cubgod is a zany artist, who takes time to conceptualise and execute unique themes. Go through it with an open mind.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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