A.CHAL releases visual for his single ‘Cuánto’ featuring A$AP Nast

Photo: James Moreno

From the clips of children possibly doing drugs to attacking a woman in broad daylight, this video does a perfect job of symbolizing a disturbing reality; survival of the fittest. To invoke the most emotion possible, A.CHAL (whose real name is Alejandro Salazar) and Dexter Navy decide to have kids depict this real-life truth rather than adults.

Inspired by a street gang based in Salazar’s native country Peru, the music video displays a group of children who menace the streets of their neighbourhood. At the beginning of the video, these kids are seen hanging out in what seems to be a junkyard; skipping school and smoking substances. In the background, we hear A.CHAL introduce the viewers to ‘GAZI’.

So, what does ‘GAZI’ mean exactly? The term, which derives from his debut mixtape, Welcome to Gazi, is not a place but rather a statement.

“The inspiration of the visual has to do with what GAZI is: first/second generation immigrants trying to figure it out in a new society with new norms,” A.CHAL explains to Vice i-D. “We were inspired by a group of notorious young bandits from Peru known as the Pirañatias, as well as visuals of Pirañas eating goldfish. Symbolically it’s the underdogs trying to survive by any means, even if looked down on by everyone around.”

Contrary to most music videos, A.CHAL nor A$AP Nast are actually featured in the visuals. Instead, Dexter Navy travels out the country, to Mexico. There, he gathers real-life takes of children living their day-to-day in a small town. The footage for “Cuánto” really helps solidify the importance of the message behind the song. Check out the video, now available on VEVO below.



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