5@5: A morning playlist featuring Crushed Veneer, Demon Days, and more

Discover five new songs by artists you’ve probably never heard of until now.



Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Crushed Veneer – Denial (Submission)

Crushed Veneer brings us their new single, ‘Denial’. The song is about living in denial about a relationship that is over. It’s a short and quick song that will get you dancing immediately. This is their newest song since becoming a three-piece band and acquiring new drummer Julia. Check it out because I know we have all wanted to know if our ex is thinking about us as much as we are about them. (Thirston Howw)

Helenor – Artifact (Submission)

The new video by Helenor, ‘Artifact’ is extremely visually appealing. It kept me interested the entire time watching it, having the random people in the video was a big part of that. ‘Artifact’ was soothing and had me wanting to light incense and meditate. I’m gonna put this on repeat and do just that, my mind needs clearing. (Thirston Howw)

Demon Days – Daria’s Smile (Submission)

I don’t care what she says in this song, her vocals make me smile. The soulful, sultry vocals made me want more. Hailing from Australia, the group Demon Days brings us the new song, ‘Daria’s Smile’ and it’s a beauty. I will be adding this to my rotation when I’m rolling around in the car admiring the scenery. I’m off to check out more of their music and see if it captures me as this song did. (Thirston Howw)

Michelle Blades – Politic! (Submission)

Coming across bands led by females are a treat me for me, especially when they’re worth telling mama. As someone who is also self-taught in the world of professional journalism and media, learning about Michelle Blades reminded me of my moments of obscurity. All I could think was: I wonder what her music sounded like before she mastered the guitar. I believe those raw moments are as important as the worldly accolades and inevitable recognition. Beyond the liberating musical aspects of her life, the Panamanian-Mexican also had to escape from Manuel Noriega’s dictatorship as a young girl.

Check out the cool video for her lovely single ‘Politic!’ from the forthcoming LP, ‘Visitor’ out March 29. Be sure to preorder or mark the date so you can refuel after the SXSW influx.

KLANGPLANET – High (Submission)

If you’re looking to re-enter your calm zone after a hectic morning, KLANGPLANET’s new track ‘High’ may help you get there. Yes, the record does tell you to reach for the stars, so you may not be at ease—fully—when hearing the positive affirmations, but it feels like that’s the intent. Listen to the Munich-based songwriter-producer Frieder Mollat’s latest record below.