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Review: Crooked Flower’s ‘Darkness and Light’ EP

Crooked Flower's cover art for 'Darkness and Light'
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Crooked Flower is a band based in Berkeley, California, who will release an album on Wednesday, May 23. The forthcoming extended play is called, ‘Darkness and Light’. Spearheaded and gelled together by Angelina Dangs’ raw vocals, the stories told are inspired by [the end of] a relationship and what lovers go through.

‘Moving On’ begins with roaring guitar, that probably matches the temperature of the singer’s body as she sings about getting past a union. ‘Tunnel of Light’ is about not needing an individual in your life. ‘Boyfriend’ kicks off like John Mayer is about to sing a song, but he doesn’t. Instead, the vocalist Angelina Dangs propositions someone to be her boyfriend. It could be the person she wanted to move on from at the beginning, but who knows? We aren’t going to jump to any conclusions.’Bells of Brixton’ is an eleven-minute fifty-second composition that sounds like it takes influences from dub, reggae, and classical music compositions. When I heard it come on, I felt buoyant—as if I were on a boat. Then, as the drums came in, I started to feel concrete under my feet. In my mind, I was in a dive bar on the Lower East Side. People are talking. I can’t make out what they are saying, but they are having a good time. No one seems to be complaining about anything. Finally, it feels like the album has reached its ‘light’ point. Emerging from the darkness, and on the way to reset the programme.

Overall, the vocals are not what I would listen to, in my leisure time. However, I wouldn’t neglect the sincerity and passion that I hear coming through, as well. Otherwise, the instrumentation of the EP is outstanding.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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