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Baltimore’s Creek Boyz release ‘Trap Digits’ visual: Watch

Photo: Jabari Jacobs


Creek Boyz
Photo: Jabari Jacobs

Whether we choose to believe it or not, marginalised people tend to make the best songs because as Andre 3000 said in Future’s new documentary, it is the culmination of “negative inspiration”. As the creators amongst us manoeuvre through their pangs, they share it through song in a way that masks the raw emotions or not. If you ignored the influence of the bando and the lyrics in Creek Boyz’s ‘Trap Digits’, you’d believe it was a pure “happy” song. It isn’t. It derives from a culture that isn’t far away in proximity or a dream world for the groups of people who live it. Therefore, the Baltimore-native quartet’s anthemic tunes are hard to pack and put away in a box. Once you hear it, you become hooked to the product they’re selling. Join the line.

Check out the video directed by LoveTheCulture for the Dre Stolah production to help them make trap digits. Uniquely, the song features a different style of vocal approach to the chorus than we’ve been getting in the mainstream marketplace.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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