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Energy Source: A list of ebullient songs featuring Crack/Daniels and Ama Lou

Hear a new list of new music that will change or enhance the mood you’re currently feeling. It’s called: Energy Source, meant to refuel.


Ama Lou
Photo: Emanuele D’Angelo

Crack/Daniels – UGLY (Submission)

Depression is a thing that plagues us all for various amounts of time in our lives. To some, what I am about to type may be irresponsible of me, but there is immense truth to it. Unfortunately, hardships and the anxiety and pressure begotten from the adversaries seem to create the character, needed. Chances are, there’s an intense, gut-wrenching story to tell. As consumers in North America, we are used to tragedy. In fact, it feels like we are conditioned to empathise with tragedy or the person isn’t valid. I like music that sounds like this. Furthermore, if you admire my taste, you should listen to the Floridian recording artist Crack/Daniels’ new intriguing track below. It’s a different style of Rap. Thank God.

Natty & The Rebelship – Coloured Souls featuring Maverick Sabre (Submission)

Energy (when it comes to music) isn’t always about headbanging and turning up. Sometimes, it is about the transfer of energy. It’s one thing to hear a record. Then, it’s another thing to feel like you were involved in the making, or to witness the process. That’s what it feels like when watching Natty’s music video for ‘Coloured Souls’. The viewer gets to see what it looks like behind-the-scenes. Sometimes, there are several takes before achieving the polished version of a track. When the right energies come together, some beautiful things happen. Watch the video below to witness the beauty of the Maverick Sabre feature record.

Ama Lou – DDD (Personal)

There’s nothing hotter than when women team up in the name of creativity. After watching the video above by Natty & The Rebelship, Ama Lou’s video thumbnail made me want to know more about her. As beautiful and edgy as she wants to be, the British artist released a tryptic visual to accompany her three-part EP: DDD. Her voice and delivery are different than most singers I’ve come across, but it is what makes me appreciate her talent more.

I have many favourite parts of the film, but the second part is best for me—visually—and the last part is the best performance, to me, vocally. The passion parallels that of a Lauryn Hill. I am impressed. I can see why Drake and Jorja Smith cosigned her. Watch the music video shot by the singer’s sister Mahalia John below.

KellyMarie – Darling, Don’t featuring Paul Demer (Submission)

Whenever we hear instruments come together like this, we know it means that the makers wanted us to dance when we heard it. The weather is outrageously good today. Take the party to your backyard, the patio, or your car. Put ‘Darling, Don’t’ on and listen to the beat of the drum. Just like the lead vocalist, once upon a time, I had a hard time seeing the potential [of any kind] in people I would come across. Now, thankfully, it is a distant memory. Check out KellyMarie’s new single from her forthcoming debut EP titled, ‘On a Whim’. It comes out on Friday, August 24.

Amber Ais – Finesse (Personal)

Normally, cover songs aren’t my thing, but I must say Boston, Massachusettes-based artist Amber Ais’ version of Drake’s ‘Finesse’ has playback value. Her voice is ethereal sweetness, possessing passion and beauty. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to the song, but I’d like for you to join me. Play this one loud. She deserves it.

Ness Heads – Flip Em (Submission)

If you’re looking for a song to play in the car during a traffic jam, Ness Heads’ track is one to consider. It has a bounce that could come behind any popular radio record, and keep the momentum high. She doesn’t have a gang of followers online yet, but she has a promising sound that can easily propel her into another atmosphere—different from the current one—soon. After listening to her music, you will understand why she’s been called the female Post Malone. Listen to her new track ‘Flip Em’ below. It came out four days ago.

Lee Bowie – AttaGurl (Submission)

Whoa, did this song come on time or what? I’ve been dodging bullshit for a few weeks. So when I turned on ‘AttaGurl’ by Swedish musicians Lee Bowie, not only did it make me laugh, it made me feel even better about the decisions I made. As the lyrics of the song says, “Know that you’re beautiful and capable.” And if they say otherwise, frankly, tell them to go fuck themselves. And if you’re a karmic return kind of woman, like me, don’t worry about it. The universe has got you covered. It’s about being a woman, and how some people feel that they can police your life and body.

Serious Klein – Should’ve Known featuring Roméo (Submission)

If you don’t burn a bridge in your lifetime, it probably means you aren’t a risk taker or someone who is looking to change the world. Those types of people do not wait for miracles to happen. We are motivated and active, and get things done on our own accord. So, when featured artist Roméo sings, “Waiting on a miracle is never worth the time”, he could not have delivered more authentic words.

“Give me something spiritual. Help me to unwind.”

Above all, whenever music by the Germany-based sensation Serious Klein comes across my desk, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that it is going to have playback value. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to ‘Should’ve Known’ before writing about it, but it is an unhealthy amount of time. There’s nothing like knowing someone is going to provide you with quality 99 out of 100% of the time. Subsequently and happily, the Ghanaian artist decreases the head work for me.

Check out Serious Klein’s latest release below. It’s from his debut album coming in October.

Janeliasoul – I Am Bold (Submission)

If you grew up in a West African household, chances are you’ve heard the beat of this drum, this saxophone, and vocals that tend to chant words like this. ‘I Am Bold’ takes me back to elementary school at PS 123 Mahalia Jackson in Jamaica, New York when we would learn about African-American culture, Kwanzaa, and other Black cultures. It’s Harlem Week in New York City! Add the Baltimore, Maryland singer’s latest release to your travel playlist. It’s the first single from her new album called, ‘Self-Affirmation Project’.

According to the artist, her inspiration derives from using positive thinking to get away from negative self-talk. Affirmations, for yourself, are usually repeated chants. In the same light, the repetitive lyrics in ‘I Am Bold’ are deliberate as Janeliasoul introduces a new concept by making a series of a self-affirmations musical.

Kahlil Cade – Yellow Tape featuring Sowyte (Submission)

How could you not love the Bay Area? The state of California has its thing going; The San Francisco Bay is no different. Most of the music from there, at a time and space, sounded like this. Philly-native rapper-songwriter Kahlil Cade brings back the time when gangster sang words that were meant to scare you yet it sounded ‘fluffy’ to the ear.

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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