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Disappointing Cowboys one-and-done in playoff after losing wildcard game to 49ers, 23-17

Stephen A Smith can’t stop laughing after the Cowboys’ loss


The high hopes of seeing the Dallas Cowboys in the 2022 Super Bowl have been foiled in a one and done playoff effort. On Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers held on for a 23-17 wildcard victory over the Dallas Cowboys. The 49ers could smell the NFC divisional round after WR Deebo Samuel ran 26 yards for a touchdown after an interception by Dak Prescott.

In typical disappointing fashion, at the Cowboys’ last opportunity at saving their season, they couldn’t even get a snap off. The Cowboys final chance came when they opted for a QB draw with 12 seconds left and no timeouts. Dak Prescott went down inbounds, the clock kept ticking, and while they waited for the referee to spot the ball, the clock hit 0:00. After a brief delay, referee Alex Kemp announced the game was over.

The Cowboys #1 hater and ESPN personality, Stephen A Smith, recorded himself reacting to the whole thing in the most joyous mood.

Didn’t I tell ya? Smith asked after laughing very hard. Didn’t I tell ya? All year long, when everybody was raving about those boys in Big D, what did ya boy Stephen A. say? They ain’t gonna even win a playoff game. And sure enough, right on schedule, right when it really really counts, they crashed like a cheap tent in inclement weather. All I gotta say is two things: How ’bout them Cowboys? And see you on First Take tomorrow. Ya boy is back, right on time. Hehehehehehehe hehehehehahaha hahahahahahaha.

Stephen A has been sidelined from the morning show ‘First Take‘ due to COVID, but nothing like a Cowboys choke job to lighting his spirits.

Written by Manny King John

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