Jae Skeese joins Griselda’s Conway the Machine for ‘Bloody Roses’: Listen

Buffalo legend, Conway the Machine, rains down a monsoon of bars with an assist from his Drumwork label signee, Jae Skeese. The beat reminds me of starving artist rap in the early 2000s, where you just knew some shit was about to pop off. It’s almost like a battlecry to show Conway is still at the top of his game.

It’s niggas that pocket watch me and got hidden motives (Hah)
I see right through ’em though, I just act like I didn’t notice (Yeah)
Used to walk in the kitchen, killin’ roaches
Now revenge the best dish I’ma servе before my kitchen closеs (Talk to ’em)

Jae Skeese follows up with a dope chorus to assist Conway into the second verse.

I’m thankful that God never blessed me with basic views (What)
So those perspectives that I’m projectin’, they can’t confuse (What)
They played the fool, but I paid the piper and paid the dues (Uh huh)


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