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Cunt mama Contessa Stuto explains her position in the underground scene, sexuality & sexism

As a woman, society tends to put you in a box, directing how you should or should not portray yourself. However once in a while, you come across women who are not afraid to express themselves or in this case, display their sexuality. While some hold back in using the word “cunt”, there is one woman that owns up to the name, wearing it wherever she goes. The New Yorker Contessa Stuto also known as ‘CUNTMAFIA’ is seemingly the precursor of cunt. She has been like the godmother of the New York underground party scene for nearly a decade. Contessa is considered the wave of Queer Hip-Hop. Aptly, she has a lot to say about the scene, the industry, and her ‘Horny Lil’ Slut’ track that was recently banned due to its explicit nature. One thing is certain, CUNTMAFIA will always stay true to herself.

When it comes to Horny Lil’ Slut, what was going through your mind while composing this track?

Horny Lil’ Slut is a period in my life — in my late 20’s — when I was feeling my sexuality in a very explicit way, as a woman of prestige and esteem.

Is there a history behind Horny Lil’ Slut that correlates with your previous relationships?

Yes, Horny Lil’ Slut is an exhibit of my personal relationship with exploration of gender roles, gender idenity, womanhood and the opposite sex coming from a past of only same-sex relationships.

Your music video was recently banned due to its explicit content. What are your thoughts about that?

America is filtered through the male eyes and culturally centred around male opinion (“popular opinion”) i.e. tabloids, news feeds, patriarchy, self-improvement on woman’s identity etc. The controlling mentally is pre-mediated patriarchy that “controls” the viewer / consumer especially when the object is female in media / society. When something is considered “avant-garde” like “Horny Lil’ Slut” – in actuality artistically – it might not push the envelope visually (I mean… sex is the oldest form of trade), but pushes the envelope to empower the viewer. It creates a shift in the guise of “popular opinion”.

People who are trained in a very American westernized way feel uncomfortable and rattled (i.e. police enforcement, censorship, filtering, etc.) hence it creates a safe space for victimization by the victimizer. For example: Police brutality to online trolling/flagging and moderating in lieu of the incorporated websites and companies best interest. YouTube has 18+ section, etc. That is implemented for a reason; but in reality, that is offensive to the viewer.

The maleness/troll (gender “unknown” statistically proven) then takes on the “Hero” role in their mind to flag, monitor and troll. In reality, they are no better than the Rapist itself. They feel it’s in their privilege and entitlement to police online communities, and censor artists; especially Female artists. This trickles and brainwashes woman themselves into viewing what is “Popular,” and continuing an addendum and platform they feel is “safe,” and does not transcend the physical barriers of Westernization and provocation.

Having the entire internet watching and being curious about the underground, do you feel that it will ever go back to the days where it was “just underground”, instead of everyone trying to copy, paste and expose it to the world?

No lol, the internet killed everything, honestly. It’s to build communities and social constructs within the American land – it’s to take our poverty dollars – raise over a couple million dollars and get on wall street with businesses and take over the government from within its monster. But people want to vent on social media… $2 A person can do a lot in this failing economy against our failing government.

What is one of your biggest fears as a woman in the industry?

Having no fear is the biggest fear. You are always targeted as the bitch, the monster, the “wrongdoer” – the negative – in reality you are the empress, queen and savior; mother earth. Mother earth does not exist to be passive in the wounds of a failing nation. I am a messenger of light. I speak the truth from a higher entity, not my ignorance.

If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be?

I’d just work even harder than I do now.

Last but not least, when can we see you on tour? Any upcoming out-of-state performances?

I have a lot of shows coming up. I’m planning some West Coast shows now. I plan on going back to New Orleans and San Francisco. Just grinding baby, that’s all you can do on this URL shit hole. Looking to afford soil one day.

Written by Manny King John

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